Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Tuesday ToDo #10

Last week I set three goals for the week.

1.    Tidy up my sewing room. ✔︎

When I wasn't working in my master bedroom closet, I spent most of my free time during the past week sifting and cleaning my craft room. This is the cleanest it's been in several years.

I washed, ironed and managed to fit all the new fabrics on my fabric shelves.
The color sorting isn't as good as it used to be because the stacks had
gotten so tall I can't always fit fabrics where I'd like to put them.
I went through my huge, overflowing cotton scrap bin and
sorted my scraps by color.
This is where the old scrap bin lived. The floor hasn't been this clean in several years.
I haven't been able to get into this closet for a while either.
I sacrificed the resale value of this bookshelf by putting
nails in it to hang my rulers. Worth it.
I will admit I transferred some stuff into my closet cabinets to make room for the scrap tubs, but I have also started pulling fabrics out of the shelves that I need to get rid of. It's time for a good cull.

2.     Make backings for my various flimsies. ✔︎

I made backings for all three of the flimsies I intend to finish in the near future.

3.    Sewcialites Block #28. ✔︎

My goals for the coming week:

1.    Sewcialites Block #29.

2.    Cut out the Finger Lakes Log Cabin quilt.

3.    Take photos and measure at least two fabrics I'm getting rid of so I can start listing them for sale.

(4.    I also still need to finish our taxes. Of course, I didn't finish them by April 15 when Biden gave us an extra month! LOL)

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  1. Your sewing room looks so pretty and organized - like a brand new quilt shop! Wow! Your floors are so pretty - I love wood flooring....
    Congratulations on a fabulous organization project!

  2. Great job! Sometimes color sorting doesn't always fit the space but as long as it all makes sense when your eyes scan it for what you need, it's all good! :o). I'm sure you can't wait to dive in and create something among all that organization!

  3. Wow! Absolutely wonderful organizing!! Good luck on your list, love the log cabin plans. Thanks for linking up with To-Do!