Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Tuesday ToDo #9

Thanks to ChrisKnits for hosting this weekly link party; it really helps keep me on track with my goals. I was so busy with other projects this week, I quite forgot to post on Tuesday.

Last week I had two goals:

1.    Finish the Deco Elegance quilt flimsy. ✔︎

2.    Make Sewcialites Blocks #26 and #27.  ✔︎

I did them both. 

This coming week, I need to shift gears, at least part of the day, from sewing. I need to finish my bedroom closet. There is shellacking and shelf cutting that needs to happen. I've decided I won't let myself start a new fabric project until my closet is put together. I'm tired of the chaos in our upstairs bedrooms caused by having to disgorge everything previously stored in there so we could install these cabinets.

But when I am not working on that, I would like to finish these projects in my sewing room:

1.    I would like to tidy up my sewing room. I have fabrics from my various recent projects piled all over the tables. I'd like to put them back into the fabric stacks and iron and fold up any new fabrics.

My fabric shelves in tidier times

2 .   I would like to make backings for my various flimsies that are finished. I'm still trying to decide if I'm going to attempt to machine quilt the lap quilt on my home machine. There are not many things I like less than wrestling with quilts on my regular size sewing machine.

3.    Sewcialites Block #28.


  1. Oh, I love your closet and your fabric shelves!!! Good luck on your list for this week! Thanks for linking up with To-Do!

    1. Thanks Chris. Thanks for hosting the group, it has helped me stay on track. I never used to make a list so I'd just sort of float around with little planning.

  2. Your woodworking is a wonderful as your sewing. Your flimsy is beautiful, as are your blocks. I have fallen sew behind on the Sewcialites blocks. I am a "binge" sewist. Sewing a block a week is not for me. I like to sew a few blocks at a time when I have fabrics out on my cutting table. Then I move on to the next stack of fabrics. I still like to quilt smaller quilts on my regular machine sometimes. I always do straight line quilting on this machine. For larger quilts, I am blessed with a small longarm and like to do freestyle quilting. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a kind word on my hexagon flower quilt today. Have a happy weekend ... :) Pat

    1. I prefer to group together the Sewcialites blocks as well. It's much easier to save them up and do several at a time.

  3. What a great closet you have! Good luck with adding the fixes you desire.
    Deco Elegance is absolutely STUNNING!

    1. Thanks so much! I'm really happy how it turned out.