Friday, February 2, 2024

Quilting Bag Canvas

I'm quilting up more fabric to make insulated shopping bags. My goal is to make three of them. Even though I still haven't been able to finish the last seams on the last one, I'm confident I found a solution to get them finished, so I am preparing to make at least two more bags. I quilted more fabric, this time light canvas. They're not the greatest quality as they were pretty inexpensive from JoAnn, but I liked the colors.

I had a long piece of the solid navy canvas for the backing and I quilted one of the printed pieces and then I added the second. This first piece is quilted with Let it Bloom! Edge-to-Edge 3 by Christy Dillon.

This second piece is quilted with a pantograph called Jacobean Flower & Vine by Jessica Schick. I really like it, but I may have shrunk it down a bit too much.

As for my solution for sewing these bags, I bought a new-to-me light-industrial sewing machine, a Pfaff Grand Quilter with an extra high lift of the presser foot. I got a really great bargain because the woman who was selling it lost all the accessories for it. She did still have the power cord and foot pedal to make sure it would actually work but she was missing the bobbins, feet, etc.

I've ordered the replacement parts and I should get them in the next week then I'll be able to take it for a spin, and hopefully finish my Ultimate Travel Bag.

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  1. Those fabrics look gorgeous, I am not surprised you were tempted. xx

    1. Thanks. I also got some dragon canvas but I haven't decided what to make with it yet.

  2. What are you using to make it insulated?

    1. I quilted it with a layer of Pellon Insul-Fleece and a second layer of Quilter's Dream 70-30 batting.