Friday, September 22, 2023

So Many Charity Quilts

I didn't actually stop working on projects, I've just been too busy to take the time to post. I've been working on 11 charity long arm quilting projects.

One of them was for Pacific Northwest's Quilt Guild's Comfort Quilts program. I provided the backing, but the quilt was made by someone else. I quilted this one with the Avril pantograph from My Creative Stitches.

I also accepted ten quilt tops from Quilts Beyond Borders. I've finished eight of them so far.  I must admit, my quilting effort definitely reflected how much I liked the individual quilts. (These were all made by someone else, I only quilted them.)

This one was my favorite.  I spent all of a day quilting this one and used a variety of Donna Kleine's pantographs from her Gabriella set, though I did actually create that small sashing from elements in her sashing and border designs.

I also had fun playing with this quilt. The blocks were really large⏤about 14" in diameter⏤so I decided to try out the Bouqet de Fleur Bundle from Kim Diamond. The blocks are really pretty and stitched out well. I'm quite happy with how this one turned out too and I'm glad to see how lovely those pantographs are. I definitely need to plan my own project that will use them.

The rest of the quilts were just finished with edge-to-edge designs and I didn't even remember to take photos. I still have two more quilts left from the Quilts Beyond Borders charity then I am definitely going to take a break from unpaid gigs.

In the midst of all this, I also wrapped up two commissioned quilting projects. I wish I could share the beauty of these pieces through pictures, but I forgot to ask for permission.

So, it’s been a bustling couple of weeks, albeit not with my personal endeavors. Once the final two charity quilts receive their final stitches, my focus will shift back to my anticipated Snake River quilt. I have a pretty firm deadline on that one.


  1. Gorgeous quilting! Looks like a great way to get in some good practice time.

    1. Definitely. I thought it would be good to try quilting for others so I could get practice dealing with difficulties that arise.