Monday, July 25, 2022

Finally some RSC Progress

I fell behind on the Rainbow Scrap Challenge, but because this month's color is purple⏤my favorite color⏤I was determined to get those done at least. I spent yesterday digging through my big pile of purple scraps and making blocks for three of my RSC projects.

I know they look black in the photos, but they are dark purple.

This is the layout of the finished quilt. 

Flowers for Nana Girl pattern,
from Kim Brackett's Scrap Basket Sensations
I also made blocks for my Bloom quilt project.
Yeah, more black-looking dark purple. I can't help it, I like
dark purple so I have a lot of those scraps.
I've built up a nice little collection of these blocks.
Almost enough for a lap quilt.  I may add sashing between the
blocks so I don't have to deal with stacked seams.
And I finished up another 11 of the Arlington Square blocks; 9 purple and 2 bonus colors that just happened to be the right size and were lying nearby while I was cutting.
This is what the finished style of this quilt is. Since I didn't confine myself to "pretty" scraps, this one may end up being a little weird; we will see.
Likely, I will spend next year's RSC assembling these smaller blocks with the colored sashing.

I thought about working on the stained glass blocks, but since it's over 100℉ here, and our air conditioner is working hard to keep up, I decided running the iron all day was a really bad idea. The stained glass blocks will have to wait until cooler weather. They may turn into a winter project.

I do plan on going back and catching up on the blue and green blocks from May and June sometime soon. I've just been really distracted playing with my new long arm and design software.

Thanks all for dropping by. If you'd like to see more fun quilting projects drop by 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. I'm glad I finally made some forward progress.

  2. Love all your blocks!! But especially Flowers for Nana and the Bloom project. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you. I've been fun working on them and seeing these beautiful blocks emerge from my scrap bins.