Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Loving My Cricut

I spent today trying to figure out how to make the alternate blocks on my Tickled Pink project.
Before I cut it out, I printed some paper templates so I could accurately cut out the pieces but they were still a huge pain because the angles didn't match any of my specialty rulers.  

Also, this is one of the most difficult blocks I have ever constructed because of the angled seams. I made a practice block earlier today and it was a challenge, but I think I can do it.
I kept changing my mind about what fabrics to use. I have a bolt of dark purple fabric I bought about 20 years ago and I decided to use that for the points. I also changed the center fabric yet again for the final quilt.
My Cricut made easy work of these very complicated pieces. Now I get to spend several days building all these blocks. It's going to be quite a challenge.

I'm linking up with Midweek Makers.

Update on Thursday: Spent part of the day trying to build these blocks. They are not fun to sew. I tried several methods to build them and have not figured out a good way to make sure all the points line up perfectly. I finally decided done was better. 22 to go.


  1. Good luck with those alternate blocks. Hopefully they will go together smoothly.

  2. Thats a really pretty block. It looks complicated