WOOFA 2021

After my success last year, I decided to join Cheryl over at the Gone Stitchin' blog for her WOOFA UFO (Working on or Finishing a UFO) challenge again. It's fun to go and see what everyone else is working on too and helps to provide some moral support.

Though, after last year I realized I am more motivated to keep working on projects when I do a variety of "old stuff" mixed in with new projects, so I am trying to give myself more leeway this year. This list is somewhat in order by priority, but I am likely to take projects out of order as I'm in the mood to do them.

Sea Swept Quilt

Unbeweavable Lap Quilt

I'm hoping someday this year
I'll be in the mood to make this coat for Jeff.

Potential New Projects

I'll list some designs I've made and add them as I start actually working on them (beyond the design phase). 
Pansy Paradise
Meadow Flower lap quilt
Another flower lap quilt

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