Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Meadow Flowers Lap Quilt Finished!

Meadow Flowers is finished! This was my first attempt at English Paper Piecing. I finished the flimsy nearly a year ago so I am pleased to finally have it finished. Overall, I am happy with how it turned out.
Though, to be honest, I am not enamored with these pantographs (quilting patterns). I had planned to use something more flowery, but the set I bought ended up being way too big and I wasn't going to spend yet more money for just this little lap quilt. Pro-Stitcher came with quite a few patterns so I found some that would work. I assume I'll eventually have a pretty good collection of quilting patterns, but since I just got started, I don't have many yet.
As for my other Tuesday tasks, I finished cutting out a leader-ender project. And I am in the process of working on my blocks for RSC. I finished the blocks for one of the projects, but I still need to finish them for two others. 

For next week, I would like to finish the following tasks:
  1. Finish binding the Scrappy Log Cabin quilt.
  2. Continue work on my RSC projects. I would like to get caught back up this month.
  3. Now that my Rhododendron Trail quilt is on the frame, I'd like to work on getting that quilted. It would be nice if I could finish it this week, but I don't mind taking my time.
Thanks to Linda for hosting Tuesday ToDo.


  1. I love your finish, Sharon!! I think you did a great job lining up the ProStitcher with each block. It looks perfect to me! The more I learn about ProStitcher, the more I love it! LOL

    1. It's a little labor intensive to mark the corners of each block as you go, but well worth the effort, I think.

  2. I think the quilting looks perfect.

  3. Meadow Flowers is a beautiful finish! I love your quilting. I look forward to seeing your Rhododendron quilting.
    Thank you for sharing with us at To Do Tuesday!

    1. Thanks! We're still learning but we are definitely enjoying the process.