Monday, November 15, 2021

Morris Melody Quilt Design

I have spent a lot of time the past week playing in Electric Quilt. I guess I haven't felt like struggling with getting the border fabric repeat to match on the Morris Garden Quilt nor have I felt like cleaning up the basement (which is really what I should be doing because we have a remodel starting just after the new year).

When I was cruising around online looking at various medallion quilts I ran across this Morris Medley BOM quilt. I thought about buying the pattern, but there were some elements I didn't really like so I started playing around with putting together a similar quilt in EQ. Then I got thinking, I'd really like to try some applique. I've seen some great pieced quilts with some applique added to make them nicer.  

So I started erasing and recoloring blocks to create more white space and then I got carried away and just kept adding applique. I'd always wanted to learn how to add applique blocks/motifs in Electric Quilt so I learned how over the weekend; it is not difficult, but it is really tedious. But I like being able to trace shapes and then play with the elements to combine them in different ways so it was worth the effort for me. The poppy and acanthus leaf applique patterns were scanned and traced from Michele Hill's William Morris in Applique book.

Anyway, I will probably never make it, but wouldn't this be a nice one if I'm ever up to doing all that applique?

All these fabrics in the design are from Barbara Brackman's Morris Tapestry and Morris Workshop fabrics from around 2012. I found it just as it was going out of print and I was still pretty new into quilting and didn't really know how much to buy for the stash so I bought nearly everything I could find. It was WAY too much. LOL

Thanks to Judy for hosting Design Wall Monday.

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