Thursday, September 2, 2021

Sept One Monthly Goal

Since we are preparing to finish our basement so I can take delivery on my new Handiquilter Infinity Long Arm, I have one project I would like to finish during September. We have a stained glass project we started over a decade ago. Obviously, since it's not a sewing project, this is not an official OMG project and I won't be linking up with Elm Street Quilts, but setting the one monthly goal has been working well for me and I want to get this done before we have to move out of the basement. This project has been moved enough times. I want to get it done—this month!
I would really like to finish this project—and another I designed for our front door—then I will call it quits on the stained glass hobby and get rid of most of the glass and tools. I'm going all-in on the quilting hobby, obviously.


  1. It's an interesting OMG for September. Wishing you lots of progress.

    1. Thanks Kate. Thanks for the poke, I really need to go down and work on this today!