Thursday, May 11, 2023

Cosmic Cabin Plan

Well, folks, I did it! I finally finished tearing apart that pesky old quilt and have been having a grand ol' time playing with the blocks. After giving the Comet blocks a gentle wash and a nice press with the iron, I realized they were still slightly stretched out. But then - cue the choir - the blindingly obvious solution hit me like a bolt of lightning: Just make the extra strips on the log cabin blocks a smidge wider. Duh!

So, with renewed enthusiasm, I dove back into Electric Quilt and toyed with several options for which edges to add those extra strips. After much hemming and hawing, I settled on this fun layout: 

I'll add the lavender strips to the light side of the log cabin blocks, and then - for that extra pizzazz - I'll use sashing between all the blocks, with two different colors depending on their location.

I've already cut out the lavender strips and started sewing them on. I am feeling quite pleased with my progress. Fingers crossed, I'll have this stellar quilt finished within the next week or two. Here's to hoping my squirrel-like attention span doesn't get the better of me!

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  1. EQ8 to the rescue and what a rescue it is. Great solution!

    1. Thanks! I love being able to try out lots of options without cutting any fabric. LOL

  2. A very elegant solution to a frustrating problem!

  3. Oh isn't that a clever solution - and very pretty too!