Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Comet's Revival Flimsy

This past weekend was a fun diversion! I got to team up with my husband on a writing project, which was quite the adventure. It did mean I wasn't able to tick off as many quilting tasks as I would've liked, but I did put the finishing touches on the Comet's Revival flimsy – a little triumph right there! (Please excuse the quality of the photo, I promise to snap a better one soon.)

And let's not forget the Cosmic Cabin quilt! I managed to add the first border, but alas, I ran out of the sashing fabric for the second border. It's time for a treasure hunt to find a suitable replacement.

So, what's on my quilting agenda for this week?

  1. Craft a backing for the Comet's Revival quilt
  2. Quilt the Comet's Revival quilt into existence
  3. Complete the borders on the Cosmic Cabin quilt
  4. Create a backing for the Cosmic Cabin quilt
  5. Bring the Cosmic Cabin quilt to life!

I'm dreaming of seeing both these quilts completed by the month's end, but my writing adventures with my husband might stretch the timeline a bit. He's my biggest quilting cheerleader, so when he needs a hand with his projects, I'm more than happy to lend one! =)

Oh, and as a little visual treat, here are a couple bonus photos of our irises in full bloom – aren't they just delightful?

Iris 'Fiery Temper'

Iris 'Avalon Sunset'
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  1. It always feels so good to get to the finish with a quilt. Enjoy working with your husband on his project!

  2. You are so close to two finishes. I hope you make it with both. Love your orange ruffled iris.

  3. You did such a great job rescuing those blocks and reviving them into two quilts! Your ruffled orange iris is glorious!

  4. The ruffled orange iris is gorgeous. Love the scrappy background on your Comet's Revival flimsy.

  5. Those are so beautiful!! and a writing project... sounds intriguing!

  6. How fun that you get to collaborate with Your Guy. Both in progress quilts are beautiful, love the colors in both.

  7. Both of your quilts are real treasures, especially when you know the history. What fun to be able to collaborate with your hubby! Thank you for linking with To Do Tuesday. Hope you had another fun week.