WOOFA 2020

I joined the WOOFA challenge in late February 2020 when I cleaned up my sewing room and realized how many unfinished projects I had. I originally tracked my WOOFA progress over at my other house blog, but I thought it would be worthwhile to make an archive here so it will be convenient to find the projects. I had far more projects on the list than I actually expected to get done.

Bind Dinosaur Lap Quilt
Bind Batik (Lenton Rose) Quilt (this one was finished in 2021)
Canvas Bag Repair (replace handles)
Denim Circle Quilt (I guess I never did a final post on this quilt; I finished it in about Jun 2020.)
Denim Circle Tote Bag
Halloween Monster Wreath
Harvest Placemats
Harvest Quilt (Flimsy finished in Nov 2020, binding it is part of my Feb 2021 One Monthly Goal.)
Jeff’s Georgian Coat
Jeff’s Lumbar Pillow
Log Cabin Quilt (I finished the flimsy, but I've set it aside to finish later, after I get a long arm)
Louisa’s Dress Batik
Louisa’s Dress Y-P
Louisa’s Dress: Remodel sq. dance skirt to Louisa Dress

Mug Rugs
Navy/Gold Placemats
Rag Quilt Country Print (I abandoned this one. I gave the fabric to a friend who liked it.)
Rag Quilt Floral Y-G-R-P
Rag Quilt Grey (I decided I had made too many rag quilts for the year, so I basically abandoned the rest of the rag quilts. For now.)
Rag Quilt Solar System
Rag Quilt Xmas
Recover Living Room Furniture
Sea Swept Quilt
Sharon’s Lumbar Pillow
Square Dance Skirt (postponed until I get to my goal weight)
Stack & Whack Quilt
Stenciled Pillow (panel stenciled already)
Summer Placemats
Tie Large Disaster Quilt (saving this one as a practice quilt for a new long arm machine)
Tie/Quilt Scrap Lap Quilt
White Brocade Napkins
Woven Denim Tote Bag
Xmas Placemats  (Finished in August but I guess I never took a photo of them quilted and bound.)
Xmas Quilt (I finished the flimsy in July, binding it was part of my Feb 2021 One Monthly Goal.)

I got more projects finished than I expected, but not as many as I hoped. And I started way too many new projects with such a big queue, but overall I believe I improved my craft room situation.

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